Blurred Borders Series Book 1


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"Her path is twisted & dark. Everything we could ask for to keep us intrigued. Well written, this one will stick with you after you put it down." -Amazon Reviewer

Behind the Series

Slated is a genre-bending satire & romance novel, portraying the protagonist's journey to find true love and accept her borderline personality disorder. 

But her story doesn't end there.  As an #ownvoices author, I feel to accurately unveil the complexities of BPD, her personal transformation needs to unfold over a period of time.


Most people struggling with mental illness don't rein control over their symptoms in six months. As the series unfolds, what it feels like to live with borderline personality disorder will resonate with readers. My hope is raise understanding and end the stigma associated with BPD. 



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Sloane Slate stopped hiding her borderline personality disorder. She’s navigating the nature of unconditional love. But when her brother, Stephen, shows up in Dolor for a surprise visit, she’s hesitant to reveal she’s met the one. 


After downplaying the dangerous circumstances surrounding her new relationship, Stephen’s frustration mounts. 


Sounds like something straight out of Ozark around here. And I’m worried you’ll end up drowning in the lake.


His words unleash an emotional tornado of self-doubt. As her darkest fears- and the fear of abandonment- swirl, Sloane struggles to keep her head above water. To protect her true love and their future, she harbors a secret that could tear them apart forever.


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