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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I'm Alexis Sands an own voices author- living with BPD. I hope the third time's a charm in getting this website and blog off of the ground. After the first two unsuccessful attempts I almost deleted the entire site (in an impulsive rage).

I've started on an exiting new project with a group of people with BPD. We're writing a collective memoir book- The Good. The Bad. The Borderline- each sharing our experiences with borderline personality disorder.

My goal is to blog once a week and to feature the other writers in upcoming guest blogs and posts. I have about one hundred other ideas for the project flowing through my brain right now. But I think it'll work better to add more about it each week and sort of chronicle our progress.

If you're reading this, please subscribe to stay updated on the progress of GBB. Or post your thoughts on the project in the forum. We won't start emailing out a newsletter just yet, but comment with any suggestions you have to make the website more engaging or helpful.



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