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Dating Dilemmas

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Part II

Well, the online dating saga continues to be most unsuccessful for me. I’d thought I met an amazing guy- who looked muscular and relatively attractive in his photos. We had meaningful conversations- though my inner voice whispered, You wouldn’t know if you have chemistry until you meet in person.But I couldn’t help myself & I pretty much ignored it, along with all other prospects. My TRAGIC mistake. I ended up wasting over two weeks talking to him daily- because he lived about an hour away (& due to me having a misdiagnosed inner ear infection).

But when we met, the pedestal I’d envisioned him on crumbled. He didn’t look horribly different, it was more of a combination between my idyllic vision of him & the fact that I felt zero chemistry. We had lunch on the water & apparently hefelt a spark- he wanted a 2nddate.

One friend told me to trust my gut, but another claimed I’m too picky & to give it a chance. But when he messaged for a second date & I asked him what he had in mind- just to see- he replied, “I thought we could get a hotel room & hang out & have some fun.”

With his polite demeanor- he was too straight-laced for me or so I’d thought- that was the last response I expected.

So, I was back on Bumble & Tinder. I’ve tried a couple others, but I really prefer the efficiency of swiping. (I did talk to a matchmaker, but she charged 5K- and no guarantee). I’ve been talking to one guy- who only lives about 5 miles away. We’re making plans to meet soon. Of course, I’m pretty much talking to him exclusively now.

We seemed to hit it off, but I do have a tendency to like people too much or not at all! Whenever I feel excited about meeting, I tell myself that it won’t work out- as lately nothing’s going right in any aspect of my life. I warn myself that the chances of me finding the one- as in the man with whom I sense a magnetic chemistry fueled by an unyielding passion & an undeniable connection- are exponentially low.

Not sure how many parts there will be to the ‘dating posts’- probably until I split & post something about how I deleted every app & I’ll never find true love (& will remain unloved for the rest of my life).

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