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Dating Part III: Ghosted!

Dating Dilemma’s (Part III)

I’d like to start off in response to a couple of DM’s I received on social media about my ‘dating’ posts. No, I do not need a man to be happy. I do love myself. But I shouldn’t be shamed because I want to find the one& very much enjoy romance & intimacy.

I’m very picky; and I absolutely need to feel that sizzling chemistry before I’ll pursue romantic relationship. I’m not seeking out just any guy who wants a relationship.

After living the ‘swipe life’ the last month, I’ve definitely become better at screening potential matches. But I was thrown a curve ball this week with Mr. 5-Miles Away. We’d messaged a moderate amount and right from the beginning, joked about people on dating sites wanting to chat forever. And we both agreed that in order to tell if there’s anything worth pursuing- you need to meet in person.

I’m thinking, Okay- great! Fast forward, almost 2 weeks later- decent conversation, a little flirting, and then we finally talk about meeting.

Just let me know later this week!

That’s what I sent him. He responded with something about looking forward to it & what was I up to over the weekend. I had plans on Saturday, but said we could plan something soon- or so I thought.

A couple of messages back/forth on Thursday & Friday afternoon, but no plans set. But later Friday evening, he asks what I’m up to & about an hour later (when I noticed it) I replied: Having drinks with a friends. Are you having a good night?

Of course, I’m not meeting last minute! And this is where the facade crumbles. He texted back two hours later that he was at a bar. I told him to have fun and catch up with me over the weekend to coordinate plans. *I’m leery and a little annoyed*

Crickets on Saturday from him. So, by Sunday I broke the cardinal rule & messaged him anyway. I didn’t even care- I wanted f***ing answers! I’m LIVID at this point- mostly b/c I wasted close to 3 weeks getting to know him under the pretense that we’re on the same page: talk a bit, see if we click, and then meet face-to-face to see if there’s any chemistry.

Me: hard to use my intuition online- maybe you met someone over the weekend?

Him: no Darlin’

Me: okay, you never know! Do you want to make plans to meet sometime this week?

And that’s it- I’ve been ‘ghosted’- after not meeting, no drama, no big difference of opinions, nothing!

Not really sure what happened- or if I’m horrible at modern dating game?

Started talking to someone else a few days ago- but not very hopeful….

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