• Alexis Sands

My Non-Author-ish Life

I’ve spent the last hour googling things author’s should include on their websites. After skimming about twenty different bio’s and some of my favorite author’s sites, not only am I still left with no clue how to spruce up this site, but I now feel worse about my own life.

It’s not so much that I haven’t written several books or don’t have any fabulous tours scheduled. It’s more so that I don’t live in a Pinterest-worthy, posh home in a beautiful locale. I’m not surrounded by supportive family (minus my son & a couple of relatives).

And I'm obsessing (just a bit) that it stands out how I don’t have an amazing spouse to write about- or even any prospects on the horizon. Actually, if things on Match and a few other apps keep going like they’ve been, well, I’ll likely be single for the rest of my life! Not the direction I was going in with this post- but I think ‘dating & mental health’ maybe be my topic for later this week.

Please comment below if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see in the future- or topics of interest to address- on this site!

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